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Why our clients use us….

We believe our clients benefit from our:

  • Specialist legal knowledge
  • Ability to understand their problem at both a practical and a legal level
  • Focus on resolving their disputes
  • Commercial pragmatism and cost, benefit, risk assessments
  • Problem solving, negotiation and advocacy skills

Law, like many professions, is becoming increasingly complex.  We believe we can do the
best job by specialising in certain areas. Our clients come to us for the same reason they
would go to see a medical specialist instead of their GP or regular doctor - for specialist
advice in relation to a particular problem or request.

Both our partners have practical as well as legal experience in our specialty areas. We
strongly believe that one of our key strengths which sets us apart from other law firms,
is our ability to apply both our legal and practical skills to resolving problems for our clients.

We do not compete for legal work outside of our specialist areas, preferring to leave
this to the lawyers who focus on those areas.  We have good relationships with many
of those lawyers and they refer work to us within our specialty areas. One of our
philosophies is "do what you do, do well".  Other professionals also refer work to us
for the same reason.

As a firm, we strive to resolve our clients' disputes and solve their problems in a way that
takes into account both the legal options and the risks, costs and benefits to them 
given their business and particular issue.  This is the case no matter how simple or how
complicated the dispute, problem or concern is.

Our approach means that we have to turn our hand to every type of resolution method
including negotiations, mediations, arbitrations and court proceedings - and often a
combination of those!  We are experienced in and are committed to ADR (an example is mediation).  We believe that in many cases ADR options are the most cost and solution
focused way for a client to try and resolve an issue.  We are however experienced litigators
and can "fight the fight" if that is what is needed to sort things out for the client.