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Please note we now specialise exclusively in Employment Law and our firm name has changed to Employment Lawyers. Our website is currently in the process of being updated to reflect this change.

Employment Lawyers Tauranga

We are a specialist boutique law firm specialising in both employment and environment law.�
Most people understand what employment law covers.� The term environment is broad.�
For us, it covers both the natural and the built environment.

As a firm, our focus is on solving problems and resolving disputes for our clients, no matter
what the concern or issue is.� We will use whatever type of solution is necessary�to
achieve a cost effective and�legally sound solution for our clients, including negotiation,
mediation, arbitration and court proceedings.� Sometimes it can be a combination of
those things.

The olive branch in our logo not only symbolises our 'environment' focus, but also our
commitment to�alternative dispute resolution (ADR)�when that is best for the client's
particular problem.� In our experience, win/win solutions are often found through ADR.�

Our two partners both have wide ranging legal experience as well as practical experience
within our areas of specialty.� We are barristers and solicitors.

We are based in Tauranga, New Zealand.� We operate primarily within the Bay of Plenty
and wider central North Island but do take instructions from all over New Zealand.